25 Day Holiday Challenge

Start your new year off feeling healthy and strong. The holidays are not always the easiest time to keep up with your healthy lifestyle.  Every weekend there is a party or event to go to, you may be traveling or have less time to workout while the kids are out of school.  This is the best time of year to make very specific goals for yourself that are manageable.

We start THIS Monday December 8th - January 1st

 LivFit Challenge Goals:  Sweat Every Day and Follow the 10% rule

  • 30 minutes of cardio Every Day!!!!
  • Healthy eating habits during the holiday season following the 10% rule
  • Feeling strong & healthy BEFORE 2015 begins
  • Being resilient to stresses & challenges
  • Support our community to live healthy and enjoy the beauty and joys of life

Get Organized for Success:

  • Plan the night before what you are going to do for your cardio workout
  • Plan the cheat meals to make them worth it: Know ahead of time what events or parties you are going to go to during the week so that you save your cheat meal for when you are out and about
  • Enlist the support of family and friends

30 Minutes of a Cardio Workout every day

Your goal is to do a cardio workout every day for a consecutive 30 minutes.  This can include but is not limited to running, hiking up a hill or stairs, jump rope*, swimming, spinning, mountain biking, or interval training**.

* 10 Minutes consecutive jump rope.

** 20 minutes for interval training where you are exercising from low to high intensity levels.  Your high impact involving working close or at your 100% followed by low impact to recover before repeating this interval.

What is the 10% Rule?

We all know that we need to eat healthy foods and keep to proper portions during meal times.  But this is not necessary 100% of the time to achieve sustained fat loss.  So go ahead and indulge in your food pleasures 10% of the time.   If you are eating 5  times per day that is 35 times per week. This means that you can have 3 - 4 imperfect meals per week.


1. 2 glasses of wine in an evening

2. A big bowl of pasta for lunch on the go

3. That piece of chocolate cake at your favorite restaurant

Lots of Water:

Water is vital to life and crucial to stay hydrated year round. Everyone is different.  Get ready for TMI…Aim for 8 glasses (64 oz per day) and monitor your urine color. You are shooting for light in color and significant in volume.

Share and Support:

Join the LiveLean Challenge Facebook group.  This group is private to join we must first be facebook friends so friend me and ask to be invited to the group. If you do not have an account and are not interested in joining Facebook create a pseudo name or post straight to this blog site and I will share your post anonymously on our page.

What to post:

  • What did you do for your 30 minutes of cardio today?
  • What kind of challenges are you having along the way?
  • What kind of creative yummy meals are you putting together?
  • Are you able to follow the 10% rule?