Healthy Feasting in Fall

One of the best ways to stay healthy inside and out this time of year is to eat what is in season. It's important to stay warm as the seasons ebb towards winter.  This includes wearing cozy scarves and boots, but also means starting to enjoy more warming foods after a season of salads and summer fruits.

Here are a few favorites for the season.

Delicious Stew

Sweet Potato Stew  This soup will last all week, and the flavors actually deepen after a few days!  I find that it's easier to make time for a workout when I already know I have food in the fridge I can heat up for later.

Fall Salad

Green Beans and Figs  When you’re craving something fresh and easy try this great recipe for a warming salad.

High Protein Meal

Olive Oil Poached Filet of Beef   Here is an entree to wow your family, a great friend, or just to treat yourself to.  Obviously high in protein, this dish is great after an active day and a tough workout!  It takes a bit of preparation, but this incredible meal is full of flavor, nutrients, and a richness your body needs to stay warm from the inside out.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  I’d love to hear about what exciting things are coming out of your kitchens at home too. What are your favorite autumn recipes?

Have a Happy and Healthy Fall Everyone!