Jump Start your Way into Your Fall Workout

3 Simple Steps to get you back into your routine


Small changes can bring you BIG results.  Follow these 3 steps to get you back into your fall fitness routine.  Here's how you can achieve great success.

1. Put it on your Calendar

Set up your weekly workout schedule and write it in your calendar just like every other event.  This will help you stay accountable and keep to your workout plan.  Be sure to make your goals achievable.  It's better to schedule less and do more than feel defeated by the end of the week.

Don't have a plan yet?  Contact Oliveyah and set up a free 30 minute consultation to help you find a workout plan that works for you.  Whether it's sticking to a 30 minute walk every day or training for a marathon she will help you find an effective workout plan.

2. Need a Pick me up before your workout

Nutrition is key!  If you don't have the right food and nutrients in your body you will not be able to work at your best.  While sports drinks are great for endurance and pro athletes the average rockstar does not need the high sugar and extra calories.

Here are some healthier choices: bananas, raisins, coconut water, chocolate milk, almond butter with an apple.

In addition check out this article for best practices before and after your workout: Eating Right: Pre and Post Exercise.

3. Get the Gear

Sometimes it helps to have good workout gear.  Be prepared for your workout; whether indoors or outdoors plan ahead. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather and have proper shoes for your workout of choice.  It is important to have these workout supplies and attire to keep you motivated and on track.

- Fall Accessories-  gloves, good socks, hat for rainy weather, a visor for sunny days, a water/ wind resistant jacket.

- Workout clothes you like putting on.  Layer up in colder weather and wear breathable clothing.

- Small Towel.

- Water bottle.

- Foam Roller or the Stick to roll out those tight spots.

I want to hear what you do to keep motivated year round.  Post your comment below and let's work together to stay inspired towards our fitness goals this fall.