LiveLean Challenge

14 Day LiveLean Challenge

I am so excited to do this 2 week challenge and I'm grateful I have such a great community to do it with.  Summer is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to cutting out sugar and introducing a low carb diet with the ultimate goal of optimal health....

and why not have a leaner stronger body before I put on my swim suit this summer.

We start THIS Saturday Night, May 31st at 11:59pm


LiveLean Challenge Goals:  Find your journey toward Optimal Health

  • Eating well
  • Achieving a realistic weight loss
  • Feeling strong & healthy
  • Being resilient to stresses & challenges
  • Get creative with meal and snack planning
  • Support our community to live healthy and enjoy the beauty and joys of life

For those of you who know me, know that I am not big on diet plans but instead on healthy eating habits that we can sustain for a life time.  This is not meant to be plan of action for the long term.  My hope is that we can use this challenge to kick start a movement towards healthy choices to keep for a life time as we learn our habits, our struggles, and how good it feels to overcome those bumps in the road.

Include Exercise:

  • During this challenge I am encouraging participates to do at least 20 -30 minutes minimum of consecutive exercise a day.  This can include walking, strength training, yoga, or any kind of cardio.

Get Organized for Success:

  • Print out the LiveLean Challenge food list (below).
  • Get your pantry and fridge stocked with Say Yes foods.
  • Enlist the support of family and friends.
  • Have your lunches and snack meals planned ahead of time.

 The Quinoa question:

Although quinoa is a seed and better than most grains we are keeping it on the Say No list because of it's processed and has a high glycemic index with a high carbohydrate content (like a grain).  If you do choose to eat quinoa, it is generally a good idea to wash it thoroughly, as its outer coating is responsible for some of its wheat-like properties.

The Grocery Store:

Here's a great tip I love to tell new clients: Shop the perimeter and stay away from the center isles. The higher quality food are around the perimeter where you will find everything you need including produce, seafood, meats, and the eggs and dairy sections.

Lots of Water:

Water is vital to life and crucial during a low carb diet. Everyone is different.  Get ready for TMI...Aim for 8 glasses (64 oz per day) and monitor your urine color. You are shooting for light in color and significant in volume.

Feeling Rebellious:

Yeah me too.  Let's take this opportunity to learn our habits and with patients and kindness do our best to stick with our goals.  It's only 2 weeks.  My suggestions is to stick with the Say Yes list as much as possible.  That being said make changes as needed before the challenge begins and create a list of your own goals.

Share and Support:

Join the LiveLean Challenge Facebook group.  I will make the Facebook page private once the challenge begins so that only the people in the group can see your posts.  Log into your facebook account and search LiveLean Challenge and join our group.  If you do not have an account and are not interested in joining Facebook create a pseudo name or post below on this site and I will share your post anonymously on our page.

What to post:

  • What are your goals?
  • What will be the hardest part?
  • How you are doing along the way?
  • What kind of creative yummy meals are you putting together?
  • When did cheat?  What happened?

DrumRoll Please..... Our LiveLean Challenge