New Year's Resolution.

Happy 2013

This time of the year is so exciting. The holiday's are coming to an end and we are starting a new year!!! For many of us it's a time for reflection as we look over the past year; the ups and the downs, the challenges and triumphs.  It's also a time to think about what we want the new year to bring.  Here is my hope for this new year.  I want to bring each of you the best training program in Marin.

I am planning to better organize my administrative duties as a your trainer so I can spend less time on the operational side and more time inspiring your active lifestyle so you look and feel your best!

Here's the first step to getting organized.  With help from our online and content marketing agency, TeamworksCom, I've created a secure online database for your personal fitness records. Please take the time to fill out this form before January Session begins. Both new and current clients are required to complete this form.

Oliveyah Fitness Fitness Disclosure Form

Thank you for your cooperation.  I truly appreciate each of you.

Fitness and Weight Loss - New Year's Resolutions

According to the Journal of Clinical Physiology  the number one resolution for 2012 was to lose weight. Unfortunately only 8% of individuals were successful in achieving their resolutions.  If weight loss is part of your goals for 2013 here is how you can succeed!

After 7 years of training here is what I have found to work with my clients:

1. Make Your Goals Achievable:  There is no need to set yourself up to fail.  Pick one small goal that you know you can achieve.  Starting a 5 days training program if you are now sedentary   Most likely you will only keep this routine for 2 weeks.  Start off slow and build from there.  Remember slow and steady wins the race.

2. Pick an Activity or Exercise Program that is Exciting for you: There are many ways to lose weight.  Find one that works for you and one that you are excited about. When you get bored or if you are not keeping to your routine, that means it's time to mix it up and find something new.

3. Stay Accountable: Tell people what your goals are so that you have support around you.

What's your New Year's resolution?