Oliveyah's Favorite Things

The holidays have arrived and the new year is around the corner.  During this shopping season I want to share with you a few my favorite things that I love having in my day.  Each of these are recent finds that may help you knock off a few items on your shopping list or to splurge for yourself.

My Favorite Things

Here are of a few of my favorite finds in 2013 in no particular order. I'm hoping to share more of my MFTs with you as I come across them in the future and I'd love to hear your finds as well.

Foot Balance

These are custom insoles that help spread body weight and loading evenly.  They align ankles, knees and hips, improve posture and increase the enjoyment of exercise. I am on my feet all day training clients; I put these insoles in all of my shoes and I have been pain free ever since. Found at the Elite Sports Authority in Corte Madera.

Cost: $70 - $80

SmartWool Socks

This is the perfect outdoor sock in the winter time.  I love wearing them to hike, bike, and exercise outdoors.  They are super comfortable and warm while still allowing your feet to breathe during activity.  I love them because they are durable and they last forever. Found at REI and most sporting goods store.

Cost: $10 - $30


This is my favorite app for tracking my runs, hikes, and bike rides.  It is compatible with your iPhone, android and other GPS devices.  One of the best features is that it provides specific sections of road or trail as segments so that you are able to compare your effort agains past workouts as well as other athletes who’ve run or ridden the same segment.

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This Genesis Pure product contains warming and cooling superfruits and herbs and is a formula based on traditional practices of Chinese medicine to promote overall wellness.  It tastes delicious and is one of the core products I take everyday.  If you are interested in purchasing a bottle contact me.  This is a great gift for the holidays or to bring to someone’s house in place of wine.

Cost: $30 - $45

Lululemon Right as Rain Jacket

I bought this jacket about 2 months ago and it is the best rain jacket I’ve ever owned.  I was training outdoors for 3 hours straight in the rain and I was dry and happy.  Found at the Lululemon store in Corte Madera.

Cost: $150 - $200

Flour Craft Bakery Gluten Free Granola

This is the most delicious granola you will ever have.  I love to add it to apple sauce, yogurt, cottage cheese and butternut squash soup. Flour Craft Bakery is a new gluten free cafe in San Anselmo.  Found also at Whole Foods.

Cost: $8 - $10

Audible | Digital Audiobooks

I love being able to listen anywhere and anytime through the app on my iPad mini and iPhone.  I listen to books during my workouts as well as in my car and while I cook.

Cost: Monthly plans start at 1 book a month at $14.95

iPad Mini

You don't know you need it until you have one.  This device is so beautifully designed.  The size and portability give me easy access throughout my workday to view my calendar, take great pictures and video and allows me to have access to all the apps that I love. It is perfect to use for your low to moderate intensity cardio workouts on stationary equipment at the gym as well. Found at any Apple Store.

Cost: $399 - $840

Klean Kanteen Insulated

This is a super durable bottle and mug.  It keeps your beverages hot for up to 6 hours and your iced drinks stay cold for more than 24 hours.  I am up early to train and there is nothing better than bringing my coffee or tea with me to keep me cozy before I start my workout.  I don’t leave my house without it.

Cost: $25 - $30

SPRI Braided Xertube

This exercise band is perfect for when you are traveling and won't have access to a gym or other exercise classes. It's great for keeping your strength gains up on the road and it's light and small enough to keep in your luggage.  I've got a great full body workout with this band.  If you are going on the road this holiday season and you are looking for something to keep you moving and feeling good contact me!

Cost: $35 - $40

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I want to know.  What is your favorite finds of 2013?