Power Posing: Feel Victorious.

Show me Your Power Pose

Life is one big roller coaster.  We don't always feel as strong and powerful as Wonder Woman.  Some days are easier than others and some things are out of our control.

How we feel and react to these ups and downs in life affect our body and mind.  Situations that bring us up raise our testosterone making us feel powerful and strong while situations that bring us down raise our cortisol levels which cause stress and anxiety.
According to Harvard Business school professor Amy Cuddy, research show that holding "high power" poses for a short time period can summon an extra surge of power and sense of well-being. Listen as Amy shares her insights in this great TedTalk video below.

Amy Cuddy Key Concepts

  • Pick your favorite power pose, hold it for as little as two minutes.  This will stimulate higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol.
  • These hormonal shifts will increase your feelings of power and a greater tolerance for risk.
  • People are greatly influenced by how you feel and less by what you are actually saying.


My favorite power pose is one of triumph and victory.  When athletes throw up their arms, clench their fists and smile after a win, they are expressing an unconscious gesture that is universal across cultures.

I want to feel victorious, courageous and inspired and I am assuming you do too.  Let's end each class this month with a triumphant high power pose to remind us of our best self after every workout we do.

When life gets challenging… show life your power pose.