Workout Anywhere this Holiday Season

Workouts by Liv

This time of year it is not easy to stick to your normal workout routine but don't let this stop you from staying consistent and getting in great effective workouts through the holidays. Here are 3 workout plans you can do anywhere! 

TRX Pose


Stair Workout

Find a flight of stairs and get in your cardio. Weights or band optional.

Warmup: 20 Pop squats, 20 jumping jacks, 20 lunges. Repeat 3 times

  • 20 pushups, 20 burpies, stair run single step (3 sets)
  • 20 dips,  20 biceps curl with weights or band, stair run skip a step with kick back (3 sets)
  • 20 pull ups or Rows with weights or band, 20 Mountain climbers, stair run cross over step (3 sets. Make sure to stay even on both sides when doing a cross over step.) 
  • Last burst!!! 1 - 3 sprints.  Find a hill to sprint up or a run up the flight of stairs skipping a step as fast as you can.  

30 Minute TRX Workout 

Here is a great full body TRX workout! Repeat this set 3 - 5 times depending on how much time you have. Do 15- 20 reps per exercise. 

  • pistol squats
  • suspended lunge
  • biceps curl 
  • squat jump
  • lunge jump
  • row 
  • pull up (make straps short as possible)
  • chest press
  • triceps extension
  • Suspended crunch in plank on your hands 
  • Suspended plank to pick on elbows 
  • Hamstring curls

Park Workout 

Grab your home equipment and head outside for a great full body workout. You will need an exercise mat and 5- 10 Lb weights. Jump Rope optional. D0 20 reps per exercise. Repeat each set of exercises for 3 sets. 

3 - 5 minute warm up jog or 3 - 5 minute Jump Rope

  • Walking lunges with biceps curl 20x
  • Triceps overhead press in narrow squat (think chair) 20 x 
  • Push ups on mat 
  • Spider Plank
  • 20 curb side jumps    

Repeat above for 3 sets

  • Squat to overhead press 
  • Plank Row with weights
  • Plank to pike on elbows
  • 3 minute run or 3 minute jump rope 
  • Bent over reverse fly with weighs 

Repeat above for 3 sets

  • elbow side plank hold 30 seconds on each side
  • 30 second sprint 
  • Plank walk out: From standing walk out into plank on hands then walk back
  • 1 minute jump rope or 2 minute jog 
  • Bicycle crunches 

Repeat above for 3 sets

I hope you enjoy these workout!  Happy Holidays to you!