30 Minute Cardio Challenge

We Love Cardio

Your goal for the month of June is to do cardio everyday for at least 30 minutes on days that you do not participate in a fitness class.  Cardiovascular exercise is very important for your health and will help you to lose weight and build muscle.

What's Your Target Heart Rate

Anything that gets your heart rate up with do.  Be sure that you are working out in your Target Heart Rate Zone to get in effective workouts and gain fitness improvements.

The target zone is a percentage range based on your maximum heart rate (HRmax). Various algorithms have been developed to calculate an HRmax estimate, but the simplest is:

max HR = 220 – your age.

Karvonen Method:  You will need to know your resting heart rate for this formula.  To determine resting heart rate count how many pulses you have in one minute, 1st thing when you wake up in the morning.

Target Heart Rate = ((max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR example

Check the chart below to estimate your target heart rate according to your age.  Use this method to be sure you are working out at proper intensity during your workouts. The American Heart Association offers the chart below as a general guideline.


Cardio Workout Ideas

1. Trail Run or hike that includes stairs and/or hills.

2. Lap Swimming: Check out this link for Adult Lap Swimming at Tamalpais High in Mill Valley and at Sir Francis Drake High in San Anselmo.

3. Ride your bike.

4. Drop into a Cycling or Rowing class at Body by X.  Calendar of Classes

5. Play Basketball.

Post and share your cardio workout ideas and inspire others to keep up with their challenge this month.