Full Body Workout

20 min Full Body Workout Video

Get ready for a great full body workout.  This 20 minute workout can be done at home.  Below you will find a description of modifications and progressions for each exercise so take it at your own pace and make it count for your fitness level.


1. Do each exercise for 30 seconds.

2. Your goal is to go for Max Reps for the full 30 seconds.

3. Rest for 10 seconds between each exercise, then move to the next. (Note that exercise 4 and 8 are done for 30 seconds on both the right and left side.)

4. Perform 4 sets of each exercise for a full 20 minute workout and perform 2 sets for a solid 10 minute workout.

Optional Equipment: 2.5- 8 Lb free weights and Foam Roller

Exercise Descriptions:

1. Cross Side Kicks:  Keep your arms out to the side of your body at shoulder height and make a fist, alternate straight leg kicks to the opposite side of body.

Easier: Kick low only bringing your leg upknee or hip height.

Harder: Put 2.5 - 8 Lb weights in each hand.

2. Diagonal Punches with Squat:  Bring legs a little wider than hip distance apart.  Punch across the body with the right then left arm, perform a squat and then repeat punches left then right punch.  Keep good alignment with the feet and knees.  

Easier: Squat half way down.

Harder: Put 2.5 - 8 Lb weights in your hands.

3. Floor Push-up to T Fly:  Start in a plank position with your hands under your shoulders.  Slowly bring your body all the way to the floor, keeping your knees, hips and shoulders parallel to the floor.  Push back up to plank keeping good alignment, rotate your toes to one side as you raise your left arm straight to the sky and rotate your chest to the left.  Repeat floor push-up and do the same T Fly to the right side.

Easier: Keep your knees on the floor as you preform this exercise.

Harder: Keep one leg lifted off the ground while you perform the floor push-up

4. Bent Over Lunge Step Back:  Put your hands on the floor and go into a straight leg lunge with your left foot forward.  Keep your left leg bent as tap the right foot forward and then back again.  Switch sides at 30 seconds.

Easier: Put your hands on an elevated surface such as a couch or chair.

5. Squat to Lateral Leg Raise:  Keep your arms out to the side of your body at shoulder height and make a fist, narrow squat keeping good alignment in your feet and knees, stand and alternate lateral leg lifts up to the side of your body.

Easier: Sit on a chair with your feet hip distance apart.  Stand keeping good alignment with the knees and feet, preform your lateral leg raise in-between sit squats.

Harder: Put 2.5 - 8 Lb weights in your hands.

6. Side Jump to Lateral Lunge:  Jump to the left and then step to the side with you right foot and go into a lateral lunge. Repeat on other side.

Easier: Instead of doing a lateral jump, step out to the side one foot at a time had a little hop to your step if you can.

7. Sit up, Roll Over:  Sit on the floor, bend your knees and perform a sit up.  Move to your left by pushing into your hands and balls of your feet while you keep the knees off the floor.  Sit back down on the floor and repeat a sit up.  Do the same movement to the right.

Easier: Hold on to the back of your hamstrings while you sit up for a bit of support.

Harder: Sit all the way up to a standing position and jump. Look behind you to your left, bend your knees put your hands on the floor, do the same roll over as in the video and repeat going to the right.

8. Single Leg Bridge:  Lie down in a supine position.  Bring your hips up by pressing your heels into the ground and engaging your hamstrings and gluts.  Bring your left leg straight up and keep your foot flexed to engage the quads.  Keep the left leg up while bringing your hips up and down.  Switch sides at 30 seconds.

Easier: Your lifted leg can be bent to a 90 degree angle or bring both feet to the floor while preforming the lifts.

Harder: Place your hands behind your head.  Put a foam roller underneath your bottom foot.  If you don't have a foam roller you can put a yoga block or thick book under your foot.

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Get your friends and family to do this great 20 minute workout with you and let me know how it goes by leaving your comments below.

Have Fun!  And remember you can do anything for 30 Seconds!