Plank Series I

This is a 15 minute full body workout that you can do at home.  You will not need any exercise equipment, just grab a watch or a timer and you will be ready to go.

Get the whole family involved in this great plank series workout.


  1. Do each exercise for 30 seconds.
  2. Your goal is to get in as many reps as possible within the 30 seconds.
  3. Rest for 10 seconds in between each exercise, then move on to the next plank exercise.
  4. If your muscles fatigue before the 30 seconds is up, hold plank for the remainder of the time.
  5. Repeat the plank series 4 times for a solid 15 minute workout or Repeat the plank series 2 times for a modified 7 minute workout.

Have fun!  And share with me how you did.