Never too Hungry... Never too Full

How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Your ideal meal plan for weight loss consists of eating 5-6 times per day.  Culturally we tend to eat 3 times a day and munch on random snacks if they happen to be around. This is not effective for weight loss. Research has demonstrated that eating every 2 to 4 hours helps stimulate the metabolism, balance blood sugar, control hunger and maintain lean muscle mass.

Your challenge for the month of October is to plan out your meals so that you eat like clock work every 2-4 hours.  Keeping to the Never too Hungry… Never too Full rule and stay hydrated throughout the day.

 Example Meal Plan for the Early Bird:

5:30 am, Before Workout: 1st breakfast, majority of meal carbohydrates, some fat very little protein. Ex. Steal cut oatmeal with fruit and walnuts.

8 am, After Workout: 2nd breakfast, eat meal within 30 minutes of workout.  Include carbohydrates and fat to replace energy loss and protein to aid in muscle recover. Ex. Scrambled organic eggs with tomato, sautéed kale with pine nuts and a organic white corn tortilla.

10 am Snack: e.g. Organic berries with Greek yogurt

12 pm Lunch: e.g. Spinach salad with organic chicken, walnuts, squash, and asparagus, drizzled in olive oil.

3:30 pm Snack: e.g. Organic apple with 5 raw almonds

6:30 pm Dinner: e.g. Red Pepper stuffed with brown rice, white fish, onion and cilantro.

Health Tips

  •  Dinner is usually the meal where people tend to overeat.  So be aware of this especially if you are eating out.  Two things to remember:
    1. You don't need to eat everything on your plate.  Keep to your proper portion size and ask for the rest to go.
    2. Do not eat bread or chips before the meal.  Those simple carbohydrates go right through your system and are processed as sugar and turn into excess fat.
  • If you are including sweats or high caloric food into your diet eat them earlier in the day or before a workout so that you can burn them off.
  •  is a great site where you can log your food intake and track your calories for your specific nutrition plan.
  • Check out the new Micro- Juicery in Corte Madera.  Juice Alley at 5641 Paradise Drive.

Taste ~ Nourish ~ Thrive.

Want More?

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Feel free to comment with your example meal plans and share with us how you are experiencing this Never too Hungry... Never too Full Challenge this month.