LivFit Jump Rope Challenge

LivFit Jump Rope Challenge Starts Thursday, September 1st. 

There are 2 parts to this challenge.  

Stage 1: jump rope for 10 MINUTES for 10 days

The 10 day jump rope challenge is for all levels of fitness. The goal is to set 10 minutes aside for 10 days to practice jumping rope. There are three categories of progressions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced jumpers.  Below is a video descriptions for you to learn proper jump rope technique and build on your base jump as you move into intermediate and advanced jumping drills. 

Beginners... not to worry...I have been training for over 10 years and I have taught 100s of people how to jump rope. You can do this! I promise you are not the exception. If you already know how to jump rope, excellent you will learn the skills to jump more efficiently and learn new jump rope techniques.

Let's do this! 

Step 1: Buy a jump rope if you don't already have one. Make sure you like it. It will be your new best friend.

Step 2: Measure your jump rope to make sure it's the right height for you. One way to determine the ideal length is to step on the middle of the rope with one foot. Bring the handles towards your body.  The top of the handles should reach up to approximately armpit height and no higher than the tops of your shoulders. If you are cutting your rope make sure not to cut it too short to start. Play with different lengths by making knots at the ends to determine what feel best for you. 

Step: 3: Join the LivFit Challenge Facebook page.  Like Oliveyah Fitness Facebook page and ask to be a part of the private group. Post a pic of you and your jump rope to the LivFit challenge page and let me know you are in. 

Step 4: follow the challenge for 10 days completing 10 minutes of jump rope for 10 days. 

Stage 2: Sweat Everyday! Implement Jumping Rope into your weekly workout routine

After the 10 day challenge my hope is that we can bring the skills we learned and apply them into our weekly workout program for the full month of September. 

Step 5: Starting September 10th. Our goal is to sweat everyday. Use your jump rope routine on days you don't usually workout and on days you can't do your usual workout routine. We need a back up plan or what I like to call "emergency workouts" when things don't go according to plan. Are you traveling a lot? Did something come up? Did you miss your workout class? Did you run out of time? Are you too tired to do your usual workout? This is when we will apply the skills of jumping rope into our day. It only takes 10 minutes. 

For the month of September keep to your weekly workout routine. Continue to go to your cycling classes, get in your strength training, go to Boot Camp, yoga, dance, swim, go for a run, hike. Move your body and keep up with your weekly workout routine. And in addition follow your these guidelines below. 

How to implement your jump roping skills into your weekly workout plan: 

1. Use your jump rope as a warm up. Jump for 5 - 10 minutes before your workout. 

2. Jump rope for 10 minutes on the days you don't usually workout.  Our goal is to sweat everyday for the month of September. On days you usually take off... well... don't!!!  Jump rope for 10 minutes instead of having a sedentary day. 

3. Jump rope for 10 minutes on days that you are not able to make it to your normal workout. Make jumping rope one of your your back up workouts. For example...something comes up and you can't make it to the class you love or you don't have time to do your usual workout.  This is a perfect opportunity to use your jump rope, set your timer and jump for 10 minutes. 

Why is jumping rope so important to me!

A few reasons why jump roping is a part of my weekly routine: 

  1. Burns calories: Jumping rope for 10 minutes is about the equivalent of running 3 miles. You get a better bang for your buck. On busy days this is my go to. 
  2. Increase muscular endurance: Do you get tired when you run?  It's probably because the smaller muscles in your feet and legs (calf, soleus and anterior tibialis) are fatiguing too soon. Jumping rope will help keep your muscles feeling strong for a longer period of time. 
  3. Increase bone density: Strong muscles create pressure on the bones underneath allowing the bones themselves to get stronger. 
  4. Cognitive functioning: Coordination, rhythm and strategy.  Yes we need more movement and exercise in our day that is not mindless.  Sadly we have turned into zombies on the stationary bike and treadmill.  Doing a challenging exercise and learning a new skill that allows you to use your mind and body will increase brain health. 
  5. It's fun, affordable and portable and I can take it anywhere and everywhere I go. 

Ready Set... Let's get Jumping!!! 

Jump Rope Challenge for Beginner Intermediate and Advance: Start Here

Get ready to jump rope like a pro. Here is a step by step break down of how to jump rope with proper form and build up to advance jumping drills. Practice for 10 minutes for 10 days.

Jump Rope Sequence

Here is a great jump rope sequence to work up to for intermediate and advanced levels. BASE jump Shuffle Side to side Split Jacks High knees Cross over Double under Do each drill 4 to 10 times. Rest for 30 seconds then repeat the set. Total jumping time 10 minutes.