Volunteer Day- Restore Wildlife Habitat

Join the LivFit VOLUNTEER Program

In an effort to connect with our community and make it a better place Oliveyah Fitness is partnering with volunteer organizations in the area to support people in need and environmental concerns.

Our next LivFit Volunteer event

Sunday April 30th 9am -12am | Hal Brown Creekside Park

Oliveyah Fitness is partnering with the Marin County Parks to work towards restoring the wildlife habitat at Hal Brown Park at Creekside. Our focus for the day will be to eliminate invasive non-native grasses and weeds by burying them with layers of straw, cardboard, and mulch. We will create a "sandwich" of natural materials that will smother these pesky plants over the summer. This fun, team-building project will support future planting projects that will enhance ecosystem health in the watershed. We will also be helping to protect two endangered species that live in Creekside Marsh by giving them great places to refuge to when extreme high tides inundate the marsh.

Who's In?  Register for this event by signing up on the Calendar page for the Volunteer Day listed on April 30th.  You can also contact Oliveyah directly and she will add you the event. 

Location Hal Brown Park Creekside Park Bon Air Rd , Greenbrae 94904.  The park is directly across the street from Marin General Hospital. Street parking only. 

Clean up/ Restoration Work 9am to 10:45am

Stretch and Yoga with Oliveyah Fitness 11am - 12pm. After the Clean Up project join us for a complimentary class. 

What to Bring / What to Wear Dress in layers for the volunteer project, long sleeved clothing is recommended to protect against contact with straw particles, which can be a minor, temporary skin irritant.  The straw tends to stick to clothing.  It isn’t essential but the most comfortable option would be to bring a change of clothing for the workout (bathrooms available for changing).  Also bring sun protection- sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and a water bottle.  

Look forward to seeing you out there!