New Series - Adventures with Liv

New Series - Adventures with Liv

Adventures with Liv is a new Saturday morning program offered this Fall to practice proper movement, mobility and inspire active weekends.  Get ready for a 2 hour intensive with Oliveyah. Each session is designed to prevent injury and stay pain free.  Learn proper running technique, build strength with or without a gym, increase your mobility, practice yoga and improve your agility, coordination, flexibility and stamina. 

Help out Workout with Marin County Parks

Join Oliveyah and the Marin County Parks volunteer program in supporting the Tiburon Uplands Nature Preserve and get a complimentary workout with Oliveyah Fitness!

Hiking Workout

Join the LivFit Marin team for a hiking workout this Wednesday.  I'm heading off to Dublin on Wednesday night and I would love for you to join me for a great workout before I go. This workout will includes stairs, hills, spectacular views and scenic trails.

Maui Retreat with Oliveyah

As part of the LivFit program I am in the process of planning a retreat to Maui in January. This is a time for fun, relaxation and workouts tailored just for your.