Let the Fall Challenge Begin

Let the Fall Challenge Begin


Let the Fall Challenge Begin! The next LivFit Challenge starts today, October 9th and will run until November 19th. I am super excited to have you join me for this 6 week challenge to get ready for the holidays.

LivFit Jump Rope Challenge

LivFit Jump Rope Challenge

The 10 day jump rope challenge for all levels of fitness. The goal is to set 10 minutes aside for 10 days to practice jumping rope. There are three categories of progressions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced jumpers. 

25 Day Holiday Challenge

Start your new year off feeling healthy and strong. The holidays are not always the easiest time to keep up with your healthy lifestyle.  Every weekend there is a party or event to go to, you may be traveling or have less time to workout while the kids are out of school.  This is the best time of year to make very specific goals for yourself that are manageable.

LiveLean Challenge

I am so excited to do this 2 week challenge and I'm grateful I have such a great community to do it with.  Summer is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to cutting out sugar and introducing a low carb diet with the ultimate goal of optimal health....

Fun Fitness Challenge

Think of something physical that you cannot currently do today that you wish you could.  It could be anything from learning how to hula hoop, dance, or run a mile under 10 minutes.