Open Space Volunteer Program

Volunteer Day- Restore Wildlife Habitat

Volunteer Day- Restore Wildlife Habitat

Our next event in on Sunday April 30th.  

Oliveyah Fitness is partnering with the Marin County Parks to work towards restoring the wildlife habitat at Hal Brown Park at Creekside. Our focus for the day will be to eliminate invasive non-native grasses and weeds by burying them with layers of straw, cardboard, and mulch.

Help out Workout with Marin County Parks

Join Oliveyah and the Marin County Parks volunteer program in supporting the Tiburon Uplands Nature Preserve and get a complimentary workout with Oliveyah Fitness!

Introducing the LiveFit VOLUNTEER: Program

I am excited to announce the new VOLUNTEER: Program with Oliveyah Fitness.  In an effort to connect with our community and make it a better place Oliveyah Fitness is partnering with volunteer organizations in the area to support people in need and environmental concerns.  Come join me for our first event on March 23rd.  We will be doing a creek side clean-up followed by an afternoon workout.