“Oliveyah is one of the most dynamic and technically skilled fitness instructors I know.  Having patients who have taken her classes and experiencing her boot camp for myself, I can whole-heartedly say she is the real deal. She has an excellent knowledge of movement and proper exercise techniques, is a great motivator who always keeps things fresh and interesting and has an upbeat and positive energy that is highly contagious. If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life look no further than Oliveyah Fitness.”

Rich Stagliano | MD Live Fit Medicine

“Oliveyah is fantastic! I’ve been training with her one on one three times a week for nearly two years and I am addicted.  She is enthusiastic, supportive, knowledgable, sensitive, and a joy to train with. Not only is she fun and inspirational, she is very responsible in handling business matters. I have referred several friends to her and they all love her and have all continued to work with her. I shared training sessions with a friend for a bit to help her get started; Oliveyah easily handled both our needs during the session. I’m in my 50s which has brought surprising changes in my body. Oliveyah has been really good at figuring out my limits, such as working with my lower back pain, while pushing and encouraging me to expand my abilities. My fitness has improved dramatically. I feel much better and I have gotten a lot of compliments how much better I look. I’d recommend Oliveyah to anyone.“

Sandee Lambert | Personal Training Client

“I started going to Oliveyah’s boot camp to get in shape for my 60th birthday. I wanted to be able to run a half marathon and feel good about my fitness level and abilities.  Her classes are great. I achieved my goals for my birthday and have found an exercise home for life. Before I started classes I was worried that I would not be able to keep up with the rest of the class because of my age and fitness level but Oliveyah always gives several modifications for each exercise and is able to accommodate my back issues. The class is fun, different and challenging everyday.  The group dynamic is fun and super motivating and being able to exercise outdoors is such a plus for me. Oliveyah is so knowledgeable I feel completely safe with her.”

Deanna Steele | Loving Boot Camp at 60 years old

“Before kids I was a fit gal and had all the time in the world to workout. Since kids I’ve struggled to find the time and motivation to get out and sweat. About a year ago a friend introduced me to Oliveyah Fitness and the results are obvious. I’ve lost pounds and inches and my energy level and general outlook have improved drastically. The group is so much fun and I like that the workouts are designed for different fitness levels and abilities. It allows me a great workout every time as my strength and fitness level advances. I go to the 6:30 am class and have yet to do the same workout twice. Hubby gets up with the kids and I’m home in time for him to leave for work. No babysitters. No mommy guilt. Just a great workout in the fresh air with regular people. Though Oliveyah’s bootcamp workouts take place in a group setting there is a high level of individual attention. Oliveyah pays attention you, your fitness level, your aches, pains and even your mood to make sure that you get a workout that works for you that day. Oliveyah really cares about the individual.”

Melanie Stoll | Mother of 2 adorable kids

“Oliveyah’s program changed my life. Before Oliveyah’s program I never liked to exercise but her classes makes it so fun. Boot Camp is a group setting but with the attention she gives to me to correct my form and modify and progress exercises I feel like I am Oliveyah’s only client and we are working out one on one. This year I am even training to run in a half marathon which is something I laughed at before. Now,  I am not only looking forward to it, I am already making plans for a full marathon. And with Oliveyah’s guidance, expertise and experience, I know I’ll finish both and move on to more.”

Sarah Shideler | Ran her first half marathon as a Boot Camper

“Every week I look forward to the new challenges I experience in Oliveyah’s Boot Camp. Her program helps me to have energy that is sustained throughout the entire day. I enjoy working out in nature and on all the different types of terrain. Oliveyah’s encouraging words, thoughtful directions during the exercises, and the awesome close-knit community of boot campers creates such a positive environment to workout in. Boot camp keeps me on my toes, looking forward, and constantly reaching new goals. My body is more toned and muscular. Not only has my cardiovascular endurance improved but my self esteem and confidence has benefited as well, I feel ready to take on the world.”

Ann Kodi | 23 years old

“I am a personal trainer, and I was looking for a class that would challenge and interest me. Oliveyah’s bootcamp class was just the ticket. Each class is different and fun. She moves from cardio to strength quickly and provides a fantastic, engaging workout for every participant no matter their fitness level. I love that I can just turn up, follow directions for an hour, and leave having had a great full-body workout.”

Sophie Huston | Personal Trainer

“When I first joined Oliveyah’s boot camp I wanted to get back into shape but I was scared of getting back into exercising! Oliveyah made it incredibly easy to get back into the swing of things! I have been working with her for about 3 years now and I feel great! She is truly dedicated to each and every one of her clients and will do everything she can to make you feel comfortable. Her classes remain challenging and fun! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

Casey Jane | Student feeling more fit every week