Our goal is to help you not only get fit but to love exercise and make it a habit. So no matter how busy life gets or where you move or travel, fitness will be a part of your life.

Step 1.

Look over our unique Training Programs

Our Training Programs can be used in combination to tailor a workout program to fit your personal needs and fitness goals.

Step 2.

Complete Personal Fitness Intake and Waiver Form

Everyone must complete this form before they begin training with Oliveyah Fitness.

Step 3.

Schedule a complimentary Fitness Consultation with Oliveyah

Once your Personal Fitness Intake and Waiver Form has been received by Oliveyah, she will contact you to set up a complimentary consultation in-person or over the phone.

Step 4.

Receive your Fitness Evaluation and Consultation

Our Personal Fitness Evaluation will take approximately 15-30 minutes.
Evaluations take place in-person at our indoor training facility, Body by X, or over the phone. Oliveyah will make a recommendation on which training program is right for you.

Please wear comfortable workout clothing to the in-person evaluation as you will be performing some exercise activities.

At your evaluation, Oliveyah will take circumference measurements and test body fat to establish your base line fitness level. With this important data, we will be able to you track changes to your fitness level as you make progress through your training program.

At the end of your consultation and evaluation, Oliveyah will make recommendations for a tailored workout and nutrition plan to help you reach your fitness goals.

Step 5.

Register and make payment for your Training Program online

To Register for a Class visit the TRAINING CALENDAR and SCHEDULE page to select the Training Program date, time and package you are interested in.

To Register for a one-on-one training with Oliveyah visit Personal Training and book your first appointment. 

Contact Oliveyah Directly.