Oliveyah Fisch is a leading expert in the health and fitness industry with over 10 years of experience and strong connections in the community. She is passionate about inspiring people and sharing her knowledge of movement, nutrition and emotional balance achieved through healthy living.

After launching her fitness career in 2005, she fell in love with helping others achieve their fitness goals and went on to complete her Master's in Exercise Science. Soon after, she started Oliveyah Fitness which has become one of the most successful health and fitness businesses in Marin County.

Outside of training, Oliveyah spends her time reading, hiking, practicing yoga, traveling and learning as much as possible. She loves documentaries about the universe, understanding the habits of world class performers and brushing up on her guitar skills. Oliveyah enjoys a balanced life by spending time with her close friends and family and making the most out of every day.

Training & Fitness Certification | Accreditation

  • M.S. Exercise Science and Health Promotion, University of California
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM
  • TRX- Suspension Training,  Teacher Certification
  • International Kung Fu San Soo Association, Black Belt
  • Certifications in fighting tandem, staff, sword, nunchuk, cane and eskrima sticks
  • B.A. University of California | Santa Cruz
  • Yoga - RYT® 200 and Warrior Yoga© Teaching Certifications
  • Applied Energy Flow Healing System, Reiki Level 1