LivFit To-Go Fitness App

Now you can train with Oliveyah anytime and anywhere with the LivFit To-Go App.  This online personal training program includes weekly workouts designed specifically for you! Get your tailored workouts for outdoor, in-home or the gym. You will be able to access your workouts on your computer or through the mobile App. 

Whether you are going on vacation, out of town for business, need a home workout plan, or want to make sure you are sticking to a health and fitness program that will continue to help you reach your goals the LivFit To- Go Program is for you!  Make the time you spend working out more effective by getting the support and accountability you need to maintain your ideal fitness routine to achieve your goals. This program provides the resources and knowledge for you to follow a nutritional and fitness plan that works for your lifestyle and budget.

LivFit To-Go Training Program Package Includes

  • Initial 30-minute consultation with Oliveyah over phone, skype or through App to access base line for program creation
  • Weekly check-ins with Oliveyah as needed provide program adherence and appropriate progression
  • Video demos for each exercise to ensure correct technique and form
  • Performance tracking can be recorded and mapped for every set and rep to show your improvement along the way
  • Track additional workouts for cardio or any other workouts you do during the week
  • Record BMI, body fat measurements, strength gains and personal bests along with before and after photos
  • In App trainer messaging to get help when you need it
  • Sync with My Fitness Pal, Fitbit  and Facebook

Additional Cost: 

  • 1-hour workout in person or via skype to ensure that you can do your workout on your own with proper form and intensity
  • Nutrition and Diet plan to support your training goals

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